The Process

The Process

Let us fully focus on gratitude for the input and not the appearance of the output, discouragement can take a toll,

Blessed to have a captain, coach, trainer, and a water boy, all that’s left is for me to proudly play my role,

It was struggle that brought pure joy, learn to react to life’s rainfall from the man whose shirt is dry,

From Him, we could quietly disconnect, cause blurry vision in the other two when we poke out the third eye,

Sprinkle a circus act for the church folk, pour up a quire boy scene for the convicts,

Life’s tsunami left him trespassed from the Gateway Motel after innocent house party pre-games and mindless bong rips,

Post a pic of his mug shot aside a pic of his college grad, volumes spoken on both ends, we could leave off the caption,

Show him a pic of his coffin, preview them pick up his corpse, give him another chance mixed with some willingness, somehow he could still sleep off the passion,

Another 18-year old just checked into asylum, he’ll be given the proper chips, let us pray that he’ll cash in,

She’s in the midst of a vicious binder, she’s turning gray, hope there’s some scraps to eat in this trash bin,

A serpent slithered out of a bed roses, now the florist would kill for the venom,

You can’t wash the darkness out the soul, even if you scrubbed the blood out the denim,

Truth hurts but it’s heartfelt, takes courage to speak it even if it means personal loss,

Set the bar to be the one that can grin after you tell a loved one what they need to hear even if it ends with the person cursing you off,

The bell rang years ago, fights over, see the cut-man and the trainer, now it’s time to get your recovery in stride,

There’s family and friends in the crowd, they don’t care about the losses you took, they’re just thankful your alive.

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